Friday, July 13, 2012

A lazy Friday in China (:

Today was a down day, much needed after yesterdays early and busy day.

Yesterday we went to the clinic for Asher's required medical exam.  His fever was very low so we were able to get the things done we needed to.Thank you for the prayers, and thank God for Motrin!

He is a whopping 28 pounds!  That is fully dressed, after breakfast and without going poop for 3 days! After his check up, we headed out to the Guangzhou Animal Safari for the day.  We rode the train through the wild life area, fed some giraffes, saw some pandas and a bunch of other wild life.

Asher seemed to enjoy it, he is still pretty shut down and not showing much emotion or talking yet, but it will come. He is so sweet and trusting.

After the park, we came home and showered and went out to find some dinner.  Thankfully there is always Lucy's, or I think we would be really hungry.
 We talked to two exchange students from South Eastern University in Tampa, singing gospel music-- pretty cool!

We hit the hay @ 10pm and no one got up before 9am. Pretty sweet.

We had a late breakfast and went to a electronics market downtown.  Given the heat, and the fact that we are all on sensory overload, we decided to head back to the hotel and lay low.   After a few days of the city life here, my brain can't process much. The constant noise, people,traffic and not being able to understand anything catches up with me. But it is always a great reminder of how the kids will feel once in the states.

Asher took a good, long nap. And as he woke up, we snuggled for a long time afterward.  I loved it, he seemed good with it..a win win!

In a bit we will headed out and hunt for some dinner.  Yes, it seems like our day revolves around finding food.  It sometimes does, not gonna lie.

Tomorrow we will go back to the medical clinic to check his arm where the TB screen/shot was given. So far it looks great, no reaction.
Looking forward to being able to go back to the pool after given the all clear.  Seems the chlorine can effect the fever and the skin at the shot?  Not sure, but stayed out of the pool just to be safe about the TB site.

Do have to laugh at the differences between the cultures when it comes to medical issues. The advice our guide gave to bring Asher's fever down was pretty funny.  Pretty much opposite of what we do at home.  Given the medical exam was at stake, I chose my way.

We are hoping to go to a bi-lingual church service on Sunday, really looking forward to that.  Seems the laws about religious freedoms are loosening up a bit, at least here.   Have seen some changes in other things this trip too. Seems to be a growing divide between the ways of the older generations and the younger adults going on.  It will be interesting to see how things are in the next 20 years or so here.

Always great to visit, but looking forward to heading home next week.  We are so blessed in the states in sooooo many ways. We are not a perfect place, but no place else like it.

Ok, off to change little man's pants and go and forage for food!

Love you all!



Dawn said...

Sounds like things are moving right along!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Still praying for this cutie and that he soon opens up to his MOMMA!!! ;-) Love you

Pam said...

So glad you got that fever down. Love the photo where your little man is snuggling with you.

The medical advice. We were told the same thing in China about the no swimming after the TB test. Funny though, had those done here we've not been told that. And I specifically asked. :)

28#. Tiny. Though last time I had Kate in and weighed she was not quite 28# at five years old. And I just had Ellie in within the month and she weighed in at 28#. Of course for her, 28# is not tiny.

I know what you mean about all the people, sights and sounds beginning to get to you. It did me, too. And the summer heat does not help.

And your days revolving around food? Yep, that's just how it is when you're on an adoption trip in China. :)

Our Krew said...

He is so sweet looking. I love the pic of you holding him in your arms after his nap. Precious for sure.

Alaina was 26 pounds when we got her in August, turned 4 in October. And she is a whopping 34 pounds now at 7 1/2. I get that feeling of seeing them so tiny- you will get him on track soon. That plate of rice looked HUGE!

You are a good momma, and it looksl ike Michael and Cassidy are really loving playing the part. Cassidy's smile absolutely jumped out of the computer at me.

Love you! See you soon!

The Harringtons said...

28 lbs is exactly what Cruzen weighed when we did his medical in China...but he was 25 months! ;). Like I said, gotta fatten Asher up! Miss y'all!

The Harringtons

The Harringtons said...

Oh, and glad you're fitting in some Lucy's! :)