Saturday, February 19, 2011

Never a dull moment......

Roasting marsh mellows
Happy Valentines Day!
Kira's Letter of Acceptance from China
No more carpet!

Not much going on @ here.

Just the, gymnastics, a few doctor appointments here and there, a new teen driver, immigration paper work, travel plans for the new kiddos, closet organization parties, and of course our latest home improvement project....the dining room flooring.

Some where in the midst of it all, Sophia's hematologist thought it might be a good time to throw in a cord blood transplant. Seems he has found a very good match to her tissue type! We know this is some of the best news we could hear. But, after much research and prayer, we have decided to put things on hold.

Cord blood transplants for non-related thalassemia patients are still in the clinical trial phases, and the hospital where our doctor would like to preform it is just now getting the program together.

Given that experience is crucial in these procedures, we have decided to wait and let some time go by and the new transplant team gain some invaluable experience.

It is not that we are ungrateful for this chance, but so thankful that Sophia does not have a terminal illness that requires immediate action. We are blessed with having time on our side.

She is doing fantastic with her monthly transfusions, and is fine with taking her daily meds. She is growing and thriving and such an awesome little girl.

At this point, we are not at all at peace with having her be in a clinical/trial situation. There are no second chances when dealing with the potential risks of the infections that follow transplants.

So after a mentally draining few weeks of having to make that decision, we are ready to look forward to Kira and Hudson coming home this spring.