Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another great day in Guangzhou

Well, today was another really good one.

Little man is so sweet.  Still no words, but a smile and a giggle!  Seems he likes to fly down the hall with Michael as his plane.

He is slowly coming out of his shell.  Robin swears he understands English and is just holding out on us.  Sometimes that look in his eyes makes me wonder too.

We had a late day of appointments, so we spent a little bit of time at the hotel pool in the morning.  Asher let us take him in and hold him, but really had no use for the swimming thing.  He did enjoy sitting under the umbrella having some water and M&M's though  (:

He also worked on his self feeding skills today, thankfully the restaurant had children's forks. He could have done some damage to his beautiful face with a real one.  He spent a LONG time stabbing his food and moving it from plate to plate. But he did manage to get a few things into his mouth.

He isn't eating as well as yesterday because he is running a fever.  So prayers would be appreciated.  If his fever is too high, we will have to reschedule his medical exam, and that could back things up down the line. So please pray that he is better tomorrow so we can get the exam done and not hit any delays.

The rest of the day was spent on the Island picking up our laundry, doing some souvenir shopping and having some dinner.  Robin, Asher and I took a cab back to our hotel with all of our stuff, and Michael and Cassidy walked.  Yep, they beat us back.  Our cab driver must have seen sucker written on mine and Robin's forehead, and took us back via the long way. Then dropped he us off a few blocks from the hotel to boot!

Now, before you get all judgmental, try taking a cab in a foreign city of 12 million people... yep, you'd get taken too!

So, that is the news from here.  Tomorrow is an early day so I am off to bed.

Love you!



The Harringtons said...

Miss You All and am praying Asher's fever goes away quickly and without incident.

Robin looks the same at a pool in China as she does at a pool in Florida...go figure. lol ;)

GOTCHA Day pics were great! He's such a doll. Looking forward to watching all the littles get to know him!

Sleep well, my friend!

Anonymous said...


Not taking anything away from the rest of the kids, but there's something soooooo special about this little guy.

It's written all over his face and staring back at you with those soulful eyes...whatever it is, HE's GOT IT.

Saying prayers for a healthy Asher and no delays on your return trip.