Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Starting to settle in

Wow, is it really October?

I think we might be settling in..finally.  No, not with Asher, he is pretty easy. But with our to older kiddos we brought home In 2011.

Asher is doing great, he is pretty strong willed..but having just turned 4 and being child #8, he is easy to handle.

When he first came home, we thought he was going to be pretty delayed. But he is catching up by leaps and bounds. He has already had his palate fixed and his fingers released.  They look awesome! And he has taken to having 9 functioning fingers all too well. He is into everything!

But God is soooooo good. Despite this new ball of sweetness and never ending energy, the dude sleeps ALL night long!  It took us 7 children ( bios included) to finally get a sleeper!

As for being a bit more settled, I am just trying to keep things real. We adopted 2 older children, out of birth order, in May of 2011... and rocked the boat big time @ here.

I think we are seeing some fruits of our labor, blood, sweat and tears.  Both kiddos have started trauma therapy and seem to have found their place in the family.  We still have days where we feel like wardens in our home. But the tight boundaries and unusual world of RAD parenting seem to bringing some peace back in the home.

Not all days are tough, some are really good. And those days give us a glimpse of what will be.  And it is going to be soooo good.

Thankfully, our other kiddos are all doing really well.  It is pretty much a semi-controlled chaos @ here, but it is all good!

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